You have selected the venue, planned the theme and made sure that the food and the service at your event are going to be nothing short of spectacular. Now it’s time to take that same gusto and put it into selecting the entertainment for the evening. The entertainment is bar far the most important piece of the puzzle that goes into hosting the perfect event that people will remember and talk about for ages.

The most popular and successful form of entertainment at a function is a live band. Bands have the ability to actively engage with the audience and get them involved in the functions festivities. When selecting the right band and style of music for your function, you might be a bit overwhelmed at the options available to you. So we decided to make it a bit easier on you and save you some time by giving you 5 of the best music styles for your event.


Jazz is awesome. It is so versatile in its style that it can fit into just about any sort of function you could play. From relaxed, soothing sounds, too outrageous party riffs, a good jazz band can really turn the heat up, or mellow things out. You can’t go wrong with a jazz band. A jazz band isn’t just a band, it’s a spectacle to watch and it’s easy to have as much fun watching them perform as it is to dance to the music.

Jazz Music


Pop music is great because everyone recognises the music. We have all grown up around the radio and TV and we all see the popular musicians of the time pumping out their latest single. So when it comes to your function, it’s a great way to get everyone onto the dancefloor as they feel more comfortable shaking it to tunes that they know and love. Pop music is best for vibey, exciting functions that are large and have large crowds, they don’t do so well for smaller, intimate engagements.


Motown is a genre of soul music that rose to fame in the late sixties. Named after the record label that birthed the genre, Motown is perhaps the most influential music of all time and there are a lot of artists that achieved fame on the music charts with it. James Brown, Aretha Franklin and the Jackson five were all artists that morphed to form what is known as pop music culture today. Everyone knows these songs and they have a great repertoire of songs from slow, soulful melodies, to fast paced tunes that will make you jump out of your seat and run to the dancefloor.


Country music is the most popular music on the planet and everyone has heard of Billy Ray Cyrus and Dolly Parton. Country music is great for a barn-burner hoe down that gets everyone up and shaking on the dancefloor. Country is romantic and enthusiastic and suits larger crowds at larger venues. People need space to move when country music is played, so make sure your venue has a dancefloor!

Pop Rock Music

Rock ‘n Roll

Good old rock ‘n roll, the foundation that developed modern pop culture in the west as we know it today. Seething with rebellion, excitement and fun, this genre of music is loud and proud of it. Make sure that your venue has enough space for everyone to jam out and get wild. Rock and roll varies greatly from the fifties until today and has so many great classic songs that everyone at your function will recognise and want to get down to.

So there you have 5 of the best music styles for your event. There is bound to be one genre that suits your event best, or you could even hire an act that does all of them. The important thing to remember is that this event is not about you and your tastes, it’s about your guests and showing them the best time they have ever had at a function! When everyone walks out and you hear them talking about how great the band or bands were, then you know that your function was successful. So pick the one that’s right for you and call your agent to arrange your booking!